It was a pretty chill easy run, going at a very casual pace, that still felt good. Those hills on them trails are killer, but they make us stronger. I love them.

I think I’ll do an easy 4 tomorrow and take Saturday off, then the big 20 miler is on Sunday..

I’m ready for it.


hey kids wanna buy some drugs

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Throwback Thursday! Summer of 2010 when I still wore Abercrombie and Fitch.


Me, sitting in class.

Me pretty much doing anything…

6.7 miles again, at a pretty chill effort then I picked up the pace the last 2 miles. I think I need to get some fresh kicks in May so I can use them for Grandma’s.

Def. gonna foam roll in a few hours.

Zach Miller of the Nike Elite Trail Racing team breaking the tape at the Lake Sonoma 50 mile with a new course record of 6:11:10

This guy is crazy! He works on a cruise ship and trains by running a crazy amount on a treadmill and the stairwells of the cruise ship! That’s fricking nuts!

Major props to him!

6.7 miles at 7:12 pace, felt decent for the most part. I’ve definitely have been neglecting speed work though compared with last year, but I wasn’t injured last year so there’s that. After that I did a half mile cool down, and some nice stretching which I’ve been neglecting the past few runs. I’ll foam roll later today after therapy.

In other news, Laura comes home in 24 days :)

Legs felt decent for the most part, tried getting in as much elevation as I could today. Got around 1000ft which is pretty awesome, I guess.

My mood has been so weird today, it feels like something bad is going to happen. I don’t like it and I thought running in the trails would help, and it did, but not as much as I thought it would.